Sunday, May 1, 2011

Contest and Blog Updates!

Hey Guys! So I'm really excited this has been such an awesome month of blogging and making new blog friends. Also I have just over 300 followers (HAPPY DANCE). I love all of the comments ya'll are leaving for me, everyone is soo nice. I'm working on returning all of the new follows that i'm getting.

The Contest has had an amazing response and I'm super excited to pick a winner. However this week I have finals (not to excited about this). I wouldn't be able to pick winners right away so what i'm going to do is extend the contest for a week. So the last day to enter is May 6th at 11:59 pm EST. Then I will post the winner Saturday May 7th. If you haven't entered yet you should check it our HERE.

This week I am also taking part in the Spring Carnival Blog Hop so look out for that for a chance to win another gift card. That giveaway will be going up in a few minutes.

I've been talking about doing Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, ETC.. weekends. I have since then decided that I'm going to do a separate blog for reviews and such containing these. This is so that I can keep this as a strictly YA blog. For the first few weeks I'm going to post links here for reviews and such that I do for readers that read more than just YA. This is just so that I can spread the word about my new blog.
The blog is called A Late Night Reader.



  1. Hey, did you ever post the winner for this?

    PS - You so deserve all your followers! :) You're almost at four hundred!

  2. Hey no not yet it's taking me a liitle while to get everyone and all of the entries in the spreadsheet but I should post the winner by Friday for this and spring carnival.